IGS Gymnastics Philosophy
International Gymnastics School (IGS) strives to provide students with the latest in gymnastics education. It is important for children of all ages to encounter physical challenges in a class experience where they may enjoy movement and the satisfaction of success. IGS implements a philosophy for early childhood development. We believe in the importance of fun and skill mastery, with no emphasis on competition at this level. It is the nature of competition to produce winners and losers, and young children are not able to separate performance from self-concept. Repeated exposure to losing tends to create a diminished belief in one's ability projecting throughout adulthood. We build a well-rounded foundation of gymnastics in classes with peers. Classes are based on age and not athletic ability.

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Our preschool classes offer exciting challenges to children aged 18 months to 5 years old. All of our students begin class with a warm-up and stretch to increase flexibility and prepare for the events of the day. During class, the students experience hanging, swinging and flipping on bars, walking across the balance beam and obstacle courses on floor exercise. Our obstacle courses integrate gymnastics skills to teach handstands, rolls and cartwheels so they begin to feel comfortable upside down. Leaps, jumps and turns are also incorporated to stimulate coordination growth. One of the favorite events of all our students is the trampoline. Here the students feel what its like to bounce up and down and learn how to remain in control of their bodies. Also, there is our large foam pit! The foam pit is a fun and safe place for children to develop strength and coordination.

These fun activities develop core body strength, gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

All of our preschool classes are one time per week for 50 minutes. The Gym School year is divided into four, nine-week sessions. The cost of each session is $153.




Our recreational gymnastics classes are offered for boys and girls aged 6 years and older. The recreational classes introduce the students to all of the Olympic events.

Boys learn beginner skills on Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar. Beginner boys learn to hold and control handstands and improve their technique when performing cartwheels and rolls. Boys are also introduced to swings and supports for strength on Rings, High Bar and Parallel Bars.

Girls begin to use the Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. Beginner girls use the Balance Beam and Uneven Bars with less help and more self-confidence while swinging higher and flipping easier and more smoothly.

Both our boys and girls have stretching activities before beginning activity and some conditioning during and finishing class.

The Gym School year is divided into four, nine-week sessions. Our boys and girls Beginner classes are one time per week for 50 minutes at a rate of $153.00 per session. The Intermediate classes are one time per week for 80 minutes at a rate of $225.00per session. The Advanced classes are one time per week for 110 minutes at a rate of $289.00 per session.

The boys and girls progress through beginner, intermediate and advanced levels based on coaches recommendation.



Private Lessons

At IGS, we also offer private lessons that can be scheduled with one of our staff members. Private lessons provide the one-on-one training that may be just what your child needs to reach that skill that is just out of their reach. Our private lesson packages include ½ hour and 1 hour lessons for one student and 1 hour lessons for two students. To arrange a private lesson, speak with our office staff. 

Birthday Parties

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A Birthday Party is always a special moment in a child's life. Why not make your child's next birthday party even more special with a gymnastics party?

International Gymnastics School will serve as your host. Under the supervision of a specially-trained staff member, your party will include a schedule of fun-filled games and activities. As always, at International Gymnastics School, safety of our guests is of the utmost importance.

Parties are held on Saturdays for children ages three and older and are 90 minutes long: one hour in the gym and one half hour in the party room for your cake and gifts. You provide all the decorations, food, napkins etc. IGS provides the hour in the gym and any assistance with set up and clean up!


1-10 Guests and the Birthday Child: $175
11-20 Guests and the Birthday Child: $225
21-30 Guests and the Birthday Child: $275

A non-refundable $40 deposit is due upon booking and the balance is due one week prior to the party.

Birthday parties may be reserved via our online class registration system. Once in our class registration system, in the Category 1 box, select Birthday Party and all available dates and times will be displayed.

Please call us at (570) 629-2767 for more information.

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