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Our Classes

Our classes run continuously throughout the school year, with payments broken down into four sessions of two (9 week sessions) and two (8 week sessions). Enrollment is ongoing, and you are welcome to join mid-session!

Girl giving high fives in class
Boy getting on the balance beam

Independent Toddlers


Independent 3 Year Olds

The first little step toward independence! Your child is ready to participate with mom and dad on the sidelines in our viewing room. In addition to introducing more gymnastics movements, the class adds in social skills such as listening, following directions, and sharing.

No experience necessary.
Young boy smiling in class

Preschool Co-ed


4yr – 5yr

Your 4-5-year-old is now ready for a fun, fast-paced gymnastics class. The focus turns to the accumulation of skills, the social skills necessary to work in a group, and the ability to string sequences together, mentally and physically.

No experience necessary.
Toddler with a coach in class

Toddler Accompanied by Adult


18mo - 3yowith Parent Participation

Working together, you will help your little gymnast learn and have fun with introductory movements of gymnastics, motor development skills, and the beginning stages of socialization with other kids. There is no safer place to learn to hang, swing, jump, climb, balance and roll!